Whether you are student or a working professional, a better memory always comes to your rescue. Train your memory with this app which has 4 different games.

You can work on spatial memory with patterns game which shows a pattern of cell with increased complexity and you need to reproduce that pattern.


You can improve your ability to remember faces with face memory. This game shows 4 or more faces for few seconds then modifies one of the faces. You have to identify the changed face. I have used cartoon characters most of them from Simpsons.


You can play the famous Simon game. Simon game has four colored buttons each playing a different note when pressed. A sequence of button presses is shown. You have to repeat that sequence. Musical notes make the game more interesting.


Of course there is classic memory with playing cards. Here you have to match the cards to remove them from the board.

The game provides with entertainment and is beneficial for your

Download the app today from   Google Play


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