Shataka is a simple but fun math puzzle.

This game has a 9 cell empty grid and 9 numbers. Your aim is to drag and drop these numbers into the grid so that each row adds to 100 and each column adds to 100.


e.g. In the screen shot above, first level of game is shown and 3 numbers are already given.So first column, is already correct. First row has 61 and to complete the row we need 39. Which two numbers add to 39? 26 and 13! So we just place 26 and 13  in first row.

So now you can see that this game is getting interesting.

Similarly you can complete 2nd and 3rd rows with the given numbers making sure that even columns add up to 100.

The new version 2.0 has timed game. And if you finish the game early, the time left is added as bonus to next level.

Bored of same 100? Level 8 on wards the sum is different 2 digit number each time. And to make matters really cool, level 15 on wards sum for each row and column is 1000 – instead of 100.


Sum is 1000


Only one cell left!


Error message when you add wrong cells

What are you waiting for? Download the app from google play and have endless fun!



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