Hundred – A number game



Hundred is a simple but fun number puzzle.

This game has a 9 cell empty grid and 9 numbers. Your aim is to drag and drop these numbers into the grid so that each row adds to 100 and each column adds to 100.

e.g. In the screen shot above, first level of game is shown and 6 numbers are already given. And you can see that second row is completely filled and its sum is 100. Third row has a sum of 24 and needs one number 76 to complete it. So you just drag and drop 76 to last row, 2nd column to complete it. Continue this for the next two empty cells too.

Next 6 levels have decreasing number of initial filled cells. But you will certainly find them easy.

You do get bored of easy additions. Isn’t it? So to make the game more challenging, from level 8, the expected sum is not 100. But a different 2 digits number each time. Once again you start with 6 filled and 3 empty cells.



There is also timed game. And of course the seconds you save in a level are accumulated for next levels.

Higher levels get more and more complicated.  Level 15 on wards the sum you should get for each row and each column is 1000. 

You may want to have a look at “how to play”. This will guide you step by step.


What are you waiting for? Download the app from google play and have endless fun!



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