Financial Calculator

I have published the app – financial calculator, which will be one step app for all Indian financial calculations. Be it the maturity of FDs, or the EMI calculation on home loan or gratuity calculation. You can find all these in this app and much more.

You want to save some money for future – may be child’s education, or a new home or some other expense. You can calculate how much should you save each month to have a N rupees – let us say 50 lakhs at the end of – let us say 10 years.


The app also calculates the maximum loan you can get based on the EMI amount you can pay – loan affordability.


This app is tuned to Indian audience. So all calculations by default use quarterly compounding as is followed in Indian banks.

As the interest rates vary from time to time and from Bank to bank,  the app lets user type in interest rates.

In all calculations – the time period can be given in years or months – in case of FDs duration can be given in days.

FD calculation lets you input the mode of payment – whether you want the bank to credit interest monthly or quarterly or reinvest.


So what are you waiting for? Download the app now.