Version 2.o of Memorypro published

Latest version of Memorypro game is published today. 2 new games are added which are really interesting.

Simon game is added and also face memory is added.

Download the app today and keep your brain fit and strong.



Indian Newspapers version 2.1 published

Today I have published 2.1 version of Indian Newspapers and magazines. The new version has material (ish) design, search feature, favorite tab and many many more papers and magazines.

The app has improved ui and hopefully better ux. I searched online and obtained a large list of regional language magazines and have added them. Earlier versions had only Hindi and English magazines.

Download the app

today and read on…



Developer name

All these days my apps had the developer name as “Bilekal Hegde” – Bilekal being my birth place. Now I feel I need to give my own name as the developer. As it becomes easier for some one to look up my apps.

So now the developer name for all my apps – existing and future will be “Usha Hegde”.

Indian Newspapers and Magazines version 2.01 released

Screenshot_2015-07-08-20-56-42Version 2.01 of Indian Newspapers and Magazines is published.

The latest version has better UI, many more regional papers. But you need not scroll through all these papers to get yours. You can customize and display only the papers you need using MORE button.

Many of us like to read some gossip about celebrities, know about upcoming films etc. So the new tab Entertainment is added to the app.

The feature to add your own newspaper or magazine is reintroduced. You tap on + in top action bar and you provide name and web address of the paper.


Download the app at google play.

Akshara v 1.2 released

I am happy to inform that new version of Akshara keyboard has been released to google play on 27th March 2015.

The new version has 3 themes instead of 4. But they are better !.

Previous version would crash if the number of words saved exceeded some value. This bug has been fixed.

You can also easily add ್ to your text even while using transliteration by pressing q.

And the bug which would stop the keyboard from working properly in browser of mail has also been fixed.

Feel free to write your feelings and comments.


New version of Akshara released

According to studies, our happiness is maximum, when the event touches all of five senses. Hence I tried in the new version to improve the UI elements as well as add sound to key clicks.

Of course, you can disable key sound if you do not want your boss to know that you are mailing/messaging. 🙂

Look at these and tell me, isn’t this keyboard pretty?



Buy the app at google play

New version of Indian Newspapers released

Version 1.3 of Indian Newspapers and Magazines is released into google play. Please find the new version in google play

The new version has regional language papers. There are newspapers in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali and of course English.

The app gives you regional papers and national papers, business papers and sports papers.

There are also few magazines like Outlook, India Today, Femina, Savvy, Business Today, iDiva, Sunday Indian , Panchajanya, Chitralekha and Dastak Times and CineBlitz

Because of suggestions about UI incompatibility, I have only included papers with WAP sites.

In this version of the app, you can save interesting pictures from papers in your phone.