Akshara editing help

Akshara uses the common phonetic method for typing in Kannada or Hindi. Here is how you can type in Kannada using qwerty (i.e. commonly used English keyboard).

ಅ a ಆ aa ಇ i ಈ ii ಉ u ಊ uu ಋ long press r  ಎ e ಏ  ee ಐ x ಒ o ಓ oo ಔ  z ಂ long press n

ಕ k  ಖ kh ಗ g ಘ gh ಙ g long press
c ಚ ಛ ch ಜ j ಝ jh ಞ j long press
ಟ t long press ಠ t long press and h
ಡ d long press ಢ d long press and h  ಣ n long press
ತ t ಥ th ದ d ಧ dh ನ n
ಪ p ಫ ph ಬ bಭ bh ಮ m
ಯ y  ರ r ಲ l   ವ v ಶ ಷ ಸ s long press ಹ h ಳ l long press

ಅಕಾರ a ಾ aa ಿ i ೀ ii      ು u ೂ uu  ೃ  r long press   ೆ  e  ೇ ee   ೈ  x    ೊ   o    ೋ  oo    ೌ  z   ಂ n long press  ್  q

ನಕ್ಷತ್ರ  =    n a k   long press on s, select ಷ  a t r a
ಸೃಷ್ಟಿ = s long press on r, select ೃ  long press on s, select ಷ  long press on t, select ಟ i
ಜಾಯಮಾನವಂತೆ  = j aa y a m aa n a v a long press on n, select ಂ t e

As our reader Ravi pointed out, visarga was not to be found in transliteration. But do not worry. You can always shift kannada keyboard with kannada letters, long press on aakara and select aha in pop up keyboard

Visarga in AksharaScreenshot_2015-12-18-05-59-05


3 thoughts on “Akshara editing help

  1. Hi,
    I have been using Akshara keyboard on my Android mobile for a few months. Very nicely done. Thanks!

    One problem is that I couldn’t find any keystroke to type ‘visarga’ . Is this not supported?


    • I am very very sorry for the delay in replying. Visarga – is currently not in transliteration. But it is present in Kannada script keyboard. Go to kannada keyboard long tap on aa kara . You will see all vowel additions, There even visarga is given. I will add the image in the above post today.

      Again I am sorry,

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