Akshara IME

blueAkshara is Kannada Hindi on-screen keyboard for android phones with many advanced features. It supports transliteration for Kannada and Hindi. So you do not have to keep searching for letters and their matras. Use the normal qwerty keyboard to type in Kannada/Hindi.

But if you prefer to use actual Indian keyboard, you can still use it


If your phone has a hardware keyboard, then Akshara lets you type in Kannada/Hindi using this hardware keyboard.

You can even type numbers in Kannada or Hindi.

Another new feature is prediction. As you type more and more words, they are stored and will be shown in prediction.

And of course, you can use both portrait and landscape mode.

To change keyboard, click on settings icon on the keyboard and you will see the options as shown below.


To write ottakshara :

In transliteration, use the two letters without a vowel in between. e.g To type ಅಗ್ನಿ, you just type  a g n i.

In kannada(or Hindi) keyboard, to type ottakshara, you should use ್, by long pressing ಾ. You will get a screen as shown below.

e.g. To type agni you should type ಅ ಗ ್ ನ ಿ

To type ಟ ಠ ತ ಥ in transliteration keyboard, long click on t. Long click on d to get   ದ ಡ.


Install the ap  right now!!!


  1. The app does not include Kannada font. It works only if you have Kannada font. All android phones above Lollipop do have Kannada font. And so do all Samsung phones sold in India.
  2. The predictions provided are not dictionary words. Any word you complete typing is stored in prediction database. I will provide a feature to not store a word to prediction list in upcoming version:)
  3. Prediction works in all 3 languages.
  4. Please provide your useful feedback so that I can improve the app.



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