Hundred- a number game published

As I have mentioned in earlier post, I changed the name of game Shataka to Hundred. I know, I know  it is same. But people outside of Indian sub-continent may not know the word and hence may not like it.

Hence the name change.

Another major change is the levels start from simple. First level has 6 of the 9 cells already filled. Good?

mockupl1There is also a kind of tutorial which guides you step by step on how to play.

So download the game and try it today. You will certainly enjoy it.


Data structure Questions

An app – Data structure questions is almost ready to be published. In the lines of “C interview questions”, this app has boaaath quiz and programs.

Many of the questions are interview questions. And I do not want to take the credit for the answers too. Some of the solutions were googled and then written.

The app covers  arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, binary trees, sorting and searching.

The programs are written in C language. But app also has implementations of these data structures in C++.

Like previous coding apps, I hope that this too will help students in the learning process.

Shataka is Hundred

The app shataka is undergoing some changes.

To start with the app name is modified to Hundred which is universal. Shataka which also means 100, is an Indian name and non-Indians may not find the name appealing.

UI has been changed. I am never sure about the UI . 😦

aaaThe levels have changed too. Now in level 1, the grid has 6 numbers and user should fill in the remaining 3 numbers.

That way we will start from easy and then go on to difficult.

There is a tutorial where user is provided with hints on how to play first level.

Hopefully, you readers find this version really interesting.