Kannada font rendering problems

Recently my spouse bought a micromax canvas hd phone. And of course I installed my kannada IME onto it. Being android 4.1, Kannada and Hindi font were already present. But to my shock, the conjunct characters (ottaksharas and ballis)  were  not displaying properly. Hindi font was OK.


Little bit of research and I came to realize that, the complex rendering  of Indic scripts is not done on all android phones. Only LG optimus one and most of the Samsung phones sold in India come with such support. Hence these phones display Indian fonts properly. Other phones with android version ICS and above display Indian fonts correctly in browser but not in text messages or notes etc.


As I tested my programs on Samsung phones, I hadn’t so far realized the problem.


What is the solution? If you buy phones in India, buy Samsung phones. 🙂 Or buy a Jelly bean phone. Again according to android developer site, Jelly bean supports complex glyph rendering of Indic languages.


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